‘Can’t see heavens falling’ for want of elected Congress president: Khurshid

New Delhi, August 30 

Asserting that there was no urgency to have an elected Congress president, senior chief Salman Khurshid on Sunday stated he “can’t see the heavens falling” for the necessity of a celebration chief as Sonia Gandhi was nonetheless on the helm and ought to be the one to determine on the management problem.

Khurshid, a former Union minister and among the many leaders thought-about near the Gandhi household, advised PTI in an interview that he wouldn’t have signed the letter even when he was approached by the group that wrote to Gandhi in search of pressing organisational overhaul, together with an lively and full-time management.

On Ghulam Nabi Azad, essentially the most vocal among the many 23 letter writers, in search of organisational elections to make sure that the Congress doesn’t stay out of energy for many years, Khurshid stated the senior chief from Jammu and Kashmir had been a part of the highest echelons of the social gathering for years when there have been no such elections and nonetheless the social gathering prospered.

He stated most likely Azad needed a change now in what the social gathering has been doing through the years and expressed confidence that the management will give a thought to what he’s saying as he’s a senior chief  Khurshid stated the leaders who’ve written to Sonia Gandhi at all times had entry to her and will have approached her fairly than writing to her.

“It is very clear that the important persons in this letter do belong to the top echelons of our party and therefore Mrs Gandhi has indicated that it was best that they could have discussed it within the confines of the party,” he stated.

Khurshid’s remarks assume significance as they arrive days after the ‘group of 23’ wrote to Gandhi calling for far-reaching reforms inside the social gathering akin to having a “full time, active and visible” management, devolution of powers to state models and revamping the Congress Working Committee (CWC) in keeping with the social gathering structure.

Asked concerning the ideas made within the letter, Khurshid stated the dialogue appears to be about electing a pacesetter and the Congress president has indicated that it may be executed at an applicable time when bodily it’s doable.

“For people like me, we already have leaders, we have a leader in Mrs Sonia Gandhi, we have a leader in Rahul Gandhi. So for me, there is no sense of urgency about electing leaders. Electing a president, yes that will happen when it happens, I can’t see the heavens falling down. What is the sense of urgency that is being expressed, is not clear to me,” he stated.

“We don’t have a part-time president, we have a full-time president but the full-time president is an interim president and no ordinary person as an interim president as she is the longest-serving president. We must just trust and leave it to the longest-serving president to take steps when she thinks it is appropriate,” the Congress chief stated.

On whether or not it could have been higher to go to the president for articulating considerations than writing a letter, Khurshid stated the leaders had executed that for the final 20 years and he didn’t know what was completely different now or had modified that they felt the necessity to write a letter.

Asked about the way forward for the social gathering with knives out inside the organisation at a time it must be revitalised, he stated, “The pens are out, so what is the problem. Of course, the words written with pens can hurt and they did, but they don’t draw blood…it’s only ink, it’s something we can live with and I am sure that the ink will fade in due course.” Khurshid stated nobody had approached him for signing the letter and even when anybody had executed so, he wouldn’t have signed as a result of he doesn’t agree with the letter.

“There is nothing about that letter that gives an opportunity for me to express and say that I may want to say…We have always spoken directly with the leadership, so I don’t know what changed because of which people are not speaking directly. Nothing has changed for me and therefore, I don’t see the urge for writing the letter,” he stated.

Khurshid stated he nonetheless feels that as an alternative of leaders repeatedly urging Rahul Gandhi to come back again as social gathering chief, they have to depart the choice to him.

“Surely he understands the implications of that letter more than I do, he will do what he thinks is the best to do,” he stated when requested if it was now crucial for Rahul Gandhi to return as social gathering chief to set the home so as.

After the seven-hour assembly of the social gathering’s high decision-making physique final week, the CWC urged Sonia Gandhi to proceed as its interim chief until an AICC session may very well be convened and authorised her to impact needed organisational modifications to take care of the challenges going through the social gathering.

It made it clear nobody could be permitted to undermine or weaken the social gathering and its management.

The CWC additionally resolved that inner-party points can’t be deliberated via the media or in public fora and all such points should be raised inside the social gathering “in the interest of propriety and discipline”. –PTI 

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