Can work if I get institutional help: Rahul

New Delhi, March 3

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said he can only do his job as a politician if he gets institutional support from the judiciary, the Election Commission and other institutions tasked with protecting the space for debate.

In a virtual interaction with former chief economic adviser Kaushik Basu on Tuesday, Rahul attacked the RSS for “penetrating all institutions, saying the Congress could not get rid of the people the RSS has installed in institutions even if it defeated the BJP”.

“The judiciary, press, bureaucracy and the EC, every single institution is being systematically filled by people with a particular ideology and belong to a certain institution,” he said.

“As a politician, I can only do my job if I get institutional support from the judiciary, EC and the institutions that protect debate,” Rahul said.

RSS leader Indresh Kumar said, “Rahul Gandhi should focus on his own party and should stop attacking nationalists.” — TNS

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