Bengaluru Customs cuts open fuel range to search out medication value Rs 79L

Bengaluru, October 16

The Bengaluru Customs has intercepted and seized Rs 79 lakh worth drugs—’Ephedrine’—from a steel gas stove at the Kempe Gowda International Airport Limited (KIAL).

The seizure was made in the exports division on Thursday late night.

According to the statement released by the Bengaluru Customs, they intercepted a consignment of steel gas stove, which was destined to Australia.

“As much as 1,983 grams of Ephedrine were concealed in four legs of the gas stove. We had to cut it open using a metal cutting machine tool,” the statement stated.

The statement further mentioned that the drug valued was neatly packed in plastic wrappers and placed in a hollow section of the pipes. The pipes were welded from both the ends and no one could easily detect or suspect anything from the outer look of the stove.

The Customs stated that they got a tip off from the intelligence wing of the courier section.

Meanwhile, the health experts told IANS that though it is prohibited, Ephedrine is often abused by sports players, especially weightlifters, college students, fashion industry, and even truck drivers are known to abuse the substance because of the performance enhancing effect of the drug.

People who are wanting to lose weight, often use and abuse Ephedrine because of its association with weight loss, especially this is a big hit among the modelling and the film industry world over.

This drug is found in nasal spray, tablets and liquid form. It can be swallowed, snorted, or injected, the source added.

The source further claimed that most people who use Ephedrine do not realise that it is dangerous and addicting, therefore, they begin to abuse the drug, unaware of its harmful effects.

The source observed that because Ephedrine is derived from an herb, users often think that it is a safer alternative to other stimulants. People will often use it in such an excess that they end up overdosing on it. Overdosing can cause serious health problems and even death. IANS

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