Amid grim financial state of affairs, agriculture emerges as ray of hope

Vibha Sharma

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, September 1

Amid a really grim financial state of affairs within the nation, the agriculture sector has emerged as a ray of hope primarily as a consequence of optimistic weather conditions, the bottom state of affairs and a few well timed motion by the federal government.

According to the figures launched yesterday, all GDP segments witnessed main contraction within the April-June quarter of 2020 barring agriculture which managed to register a progress of three.4% due to nature and early opening up of the sector to facilitate procurement and sowing within the Covid lockdown.

Experts say figures show agriculture is the one sector that may reboot the Indian economic system. However, issues want to vary and quick as a result of the way in which the “potential power house of economic growth” is being handled or managed presently, the positive aspects might have restricted and even minuscule. In any case, good harvest has not translated in elevated farmers’ earnings due to chocked and fragmented provide chain, they add

Calling for a “new normal” within the sector, agriculture coverage professional Devinder Sharma says India should study from the debacle and provides agriculture its rightful place within the economic system. “Agriculture is the only sector that performed well but gains also have to be equal for farmers.”

“Agriculture is the one sector that may reboot the economic system.  The reply to each economic system and local weather change is sustainable agriculture and for this we’d like a brand new regular, an financial mannequin based mostly on our (India’s) necessities with the sector receiving equal consideration like different GDP segments.  

“We cannot sacrifice agriculture for the sake of industrial growth. It has a huge role to play in employment generation which so far we have failed to understand. If agriculture was performing at the level of other sectors had been there would be food riots in the country,” says Sharma.  

According to agriculture professional Sudheer Panwar, not solely agriculture manufacturing remained impartial to the lock-down it additionally registered spectacular progress (of three.4%) when service and trade nosedived, “but to expect that agriculture production will make up the losses of industry and services sector is exaggeration because its share in the GDP is mere 15.96%”.  

“One of the explanations for good harvest is beneficial weather conditions and good monsoon, which is driver of agriculture in 60% of whole crop space, nevertheless, good harvest couldn’t be translated to elevated farmers’ earnings due to chocked/fragmented provide chain. Horticulture and perishable produce couldn’t attain market and farmers needed to plough it in fields or throw on roads. 

“The Central Government stepped up MSP purchase specifically wheat and paddy in UP, Punjab and MP that provided some relief to farmers. The flood situation in Bihar, Assam and other areas, locust in Rajasthan, spread of Covid-19 in rural areas may affect future prospects which look bright because of good climatic conditions,” Panwar provides. 

Meanwhile, the present estimate consists of the agricultural manufacturing for the Rabi season, together with dairy, fishery and poultry. In the kharif season, acreage has already surpassed current data. 

The sector additionally attracted some non-public investments in July-August. In addition reverse migration and uncertainty of future livelihood might have additionally inspired enchancment within the sector.

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