Air India posted some duplicitous tweets which are deceptive: Pilots

New Delhi, July 28

Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) and Indian Pilots Guild (IPG) have accused Air India of spreading “deliberate misinformation on social media” and questioned the “duplicitous” tweets by Air India calling them “misleading”.

“Air India has recently posted some duplicitous tweets that are misleading the general public,” the pilots associations stated.

“Recent decisions of Air India Board regarding rationalization of staff cost were reviewed in a meeting at @MoCA_goi this evening. The meeting reiterated that unlike other carriers which have laid off large number of their employees, no employee of Air India will be laid off,” stated the Air India tweet.

To this the pilots responded in a letter to Air India Executive Director of Corporate Affairs Aruna Gopalakrishnan and stated: “A lay off means settlement of arrears, gratuity, PF and retrenchment compensation by law. Management is trying to dodge this by introducing Compulsory Leave without Pay for up to 5 years to send employees on exile.” Another Air India tweet stated, “There has been no reduction in the Basic pay, DA and HRA of any category of employees. The rationalization of allowances had to be implemented on account of the difficult financial condition of the airline that were exacerbated by COVID-19”.

The pilots have questioned this declare and stated that this can be a devious plan to make sure a minuscule pay minimize for senior AI officers. Basic Pay, HRA and DA represent 80 per cent of Gross Pay for senior AI officers.

“By ‘rationalizing’ the allowances only, pilots and cabin crew are hit worst as it forms 80 per cent of our gross pay. Doesn’t the difficult financial condition of the airline warrant a contribution from the management too, based on their actual cost to company or just flying crew alone?” the pilots stated within the letter.

“Flying crew will be paid as per the actual number of hours flown. As domestic and international operations expand to reach pre-COVID levels and the financial position of Air India improves, the rationalization of allowances will be reviewed,” the Air India stated.

The pilots stated this could apply to prime administration as effectively.

“Shouldn’t this additionally apply to administration officers? They must also be paid on precise work executed, particularly throughout nationwide lockdown when places of work had been closed. It is unethical to take 7.5 per cent minimize on gross pay whereas sitting at dwelling whereas slashing the wages of staff risking their lives within the area by 60 per cent.

“Equally preposterous is paying us for actual hours flown at a drastically low rate while handicapping us with ‘three’ COVID19 tests for each VBM flight. All this, while the private carriers are limited to only one test,” the letter stated. — IANS

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