17 tremors in last three months in NCR; Gurugram authorities put earthquake resistance on top agenda

Sumedha Sharma
Tribune News Service
Gurugram, June 30

In the backdrop of 17 earthquakes hitting Delhi-NCR in the last three months and Gurugram being sighted as the most unsafe, the local administration and disaster management authority is emphasising on earthquake resistant structures.

The DC Gurugram has gone ahead including footer notes on all sale and purchase deeds and registries warning the people about the city being in seismic zone 4.

“We are in seismic zone 4 and are highly vulnerable to earthquakes. Thus while making houses, buying or selling properties keep this in mind .We suggest that you consult a structural engineer,” reads the note.

Not only the advisory, but authorities like District Town Planning (DTP) Haryana Shehri Vikas Pradhikaran (HSVP) and Municipal Corporation Gurugram (MCG) too have started putting stringent earthquake resistant structural parameters in place before approving any buildings.

The architects have been apprised to design keeping the same in mind and earthquake resistance has been made a key factor in issue of structural safety certificate to any building.

“The recent tremors though of moderate or low magnitude should make people alert. Those buying properties or making new ones should know we are in high risk zone. Similarly the existing structures, the high rises should do a quality check and take necessary steps,” said DC Amit Khatri.

Facing subsequent tremors, Gurugram authorities had in 2015-16 taken up earthquake safety on top priority and found majority of high rises risky, however with no major tremors over the years the efforts were shelved.

It may be noted that Gurugram along with Delhi falls in zone IV which is second most earthquake threatened seismic zone.

According to experts, Gurugram is at higher risk than Delhi as while Delhi sits on top of three active seismic fault lines Gurugram sits on 7 making it the riskiest area in Delhi-NCR.

If any of these becomes active, it can cause an earthquake of up to 7.5 magnitude.

In 1960, an earthquake with epicentre along the Delhi-Gurgaon border of 6.2 magnitude had damaged nearly 200 structures and killed and injured several people. The area was then amongst sparsely inhabited in Gurugram with just few mud houses and two people were reported dead and others injured.

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