Radhe: Your Most Needed Bhai gives nothing new aside from the standard Salman Khan strikes


“Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di toh main khud ki bhi nahin sunta,” says the ‘Most Wanted Bhai’ of Bollywood, Salman Khan, and in the movie titled the same, everything else, just like the iconic dialogue, is a repeat. There is crime, drug lords, innocent children, love interest and some high-octane, gravity-defying stunts. Mighty strange how this remake of Korean drama The Outlaws (2017) is turned into a typical masala Bollywood fare, giving a nod to the original by casting Sangay Tsheltrim for his looks. Well, for Salman fans, it’s Eidi!

The film opens with Rana (Randeep Hooda) entering a new ‘business’ in a new city, Mumbai — dressed in all black, long hair, here’s the baddie. Six minutes into the film, Bhai enters while shattering glass, duly wishing Eid Mubarak. Another five minutes and the do-gooder heroine (Disha Patani) enters and starts the story of cleaning Mumbai of drugs as well as villains.

To be honest, the film to begin with is ludicrously entertaining — Radhe, a self-styled cop doubling as a struggling model for his lady love with chances in Bigg Boss. And then our villain-hero duo — Rana-Radhe go on a bludgeoning spree. Directed by Prabhu Deva, masala it is, high-paced chases, flying cars to standard helicopter sequence to a club number with a guest appearance by Jacqueline Fernandez and undercover Radhe showing his moves!

Bhai does it all — committing to children for their brighter future while taking on the villains single-handedly and romancing on the sidelines. While Hooda’s act is intense, Salman Khan offers nothing new — there are dare-bare scenes that Salman did from his very first one to action to dance moves. Disha fits the bill of lissom lass as a silly side prop to hero’s antics. Jackie Shroff offers some comic relief in a film full of blood and gore, as the brother of the heroine. Singer-composer Arjun Kanungo couldn’t show his dance moves, but tried hard to justify his role as a handsome baddie.

Music is rather jarring amongst all the blood to match with an equally nonsensical script. But Bhai is Bhai; he has a message —Dar ke peeche maut hai aur dar ke aage zindagi — inspiring the women and children to fight crime. While his blue bracelet remains intact, his fans might love his super-heroic moves! The film is streaming on Zee 5 in a pay per view model.


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