Will counter China’s coercive actions: US

Washington, February 3

Acknowledging that the US is in “serious competition” with China, the Biden administration has asserted that it will counter Beijing’s “aggressive and coercive” actions, sustain its key military advantages and restore America’s vital security partnerships.

The relations between the US and China are at an all-time low. The two countries are currently engaged in a bitter confrontation over various issues, including trade, Covid origin, aggressive military moves in the disputed South China Sea, human rights and Taiwan, the self-governing democracy that China claims as its own territory and threatens to bring under its control by military force.

China resents US support for Taiwan along with the US military presence in the South China Sea. “When it comes to China more broadly, you have heard us talk about our strategic approach. We are in serious competition with China. Strategic competition is the frame through which we see that relationship,” State Department Spokesperson Ned Price said. — PTI

UK, Japan concerned over new China law

  • Foreign and defence ministers of Japan and Britain have said they are deeply concerned about the situation in the East and South China Seas.
  • They opposed the new Chinese law which empowers its forces to raze other countries’ structures and use weapons in Beijing’s territorial waters. agencies

Immigration policy sees change in US

Biden has signed three executive orders that he said would lead to a “fair” immigration system and undo Trump’s policies that “ripped children from the arms of their families.”

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