US lawmakers aggressively marketing campaign for sending important medical provides to India

Washington, April 27

Cutting across ideological lines, influential American lawmakers have come out in support of India, urging the Biden Administration to urgently provide all possible help to the country in its fight against COVID-19.

Describing India as one of the closest allies and foremost strategic partners, Congressman Adam Schiff, Chair of House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said when the COVID-19 pandemic pushed American hospitals to the brink of collapse, India came to America’s immediate aid and supported it through this crisis.

“Now, as America continues on a cautiously steady path to recovery, India is facing the worst COVID-19 surge anywhere in the world, with hundreds of thousands of daily new cases, and thousands dying while waiting for access to life-saving care,” Schiff said.

“This is a humanitarian crisis and an international emergency, and I’m grateful that the Biden Administration has elected to supply the raw materials, therapeutics, test kits, ventilators, and protective gear that India needs to get this unprecedented surge under control,” he said.

“To beat COVID-19 at home, we must curb its spread abroad before it mutates and causes yet another painful surge on our shores. Helping India – as well as our allies and neighbours across the globe – is a moral imperative, and this kind of international cooperation is critical to ending this crisis,” Schiff said.

Senator Dick Durbin said the announcement of US donations of key medical supplies to countries in need like India is the right decision for everyone involved. “This is a global pandemic — we all need to work together to overcome this virus,” he said.

Senator Scott Peters said that the United States Senate stands with the people of India as they face a devastating COVID-19 surge.

“My heart breaks over the tragedy unfolding in India, including the thousands of lives lost per day to the COVID-19 virus,” Indian-American Congressman Ami Bera said, adding that over the past several days, he has spoken with US Administration officials regarding the outbreak in India and the steps the US is taking to provide assistance.

“I applaud the Biden Administration for its decision to send urgently needed resources to help the Indian people, including raw materials necessary for vaccine development, personal protective equipment (PPE), rapid diagnostic testing, and oxygen-related supplies,” he said. PTI

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