US holding on to misunderstandings: Wang

Beijing, April 25

The differences between the US and China are continuing as Washington is yet to find the right way to deal with Beijing while holding on to “misunderstandings”, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said, warning that playing the “Taiwan card” is “playing with fire”.

China commissions 3 advanced naval ships

  •  China has commissioned three main battle warships, including a nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine, a large destroyer and the country’s largest amphibious assault ship, that can carry around 30 helicopters and hundreds of troops.
  • The vessels included the Type 075 amphibious assault ships, which can carry an estimated 30 helicopters and hundreds of troops.
  • The Type 09IV submarine is believed to be the second-generation class of China’s nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines. PTI

China hoped that the Biden administration would view its development objectively and rationally and explore with it a new path of peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation, Wang, also the State Councillor, said in a video-conference with the US think tank Council on Foreign Relations.

“We think that the right approach to deal with the US-China relations should be strengthening communication, deepening cooperation, narrowing differences and avoiding confrontations,” Wang said. “If confrontations are at the front, then both are going to suffer from loss,” he was quoted as saying by the state-run CGTN news channel.

Referring to China’s one-party political system headed by the ruling Communist Party of China, Wang said China hoped the US would respect and accommodate the path and system that China has independently chosen. “China-US relations are entering a new crossroad,” Wang said. The key to the future development of bilateral relations depends on if the US can accept the peaceful rise of China. — PTI

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