Taiwan erupts over arrest of protesters

Taipei (Taiwan), October 25

Hundreds of people marched in Taiwan’s capital on Sunday to demand the release of 12 Hong Kong anti-government protesters who were arrested by mainland Chinese authorities in August.

The 12 were allegedly traveling illegally by boat to Taiwan when Chinese authorities detained them.

They are now facing formal charges for illegal border crossings in Shenzhen, a southern Chinese city that borders Hong Kong, a semi-autonomous Chinese territory. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, people demonstrated in at least a dozen cities across the world — from New York to Vancouver to Adelaide in Australia — in support of those who were arrested, in a campaign called #save12hkyouths. Dressed in black and wearing face masks, they marched through the city, shouting “Glory to Hong Kong”. Those arrested are in the 16 to 33 age-group. — AP

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