Protest organised exterior Canadian Embassy in Paris to demand justice for Karima Baloch

Paris, January 5

A protest was held on Monday outside the Canadian embassy in Paris to seek justice for Karima Baloch, with protesters demanding a thorough investigation into the mysterious death of the human rights activist and Baloch leader a few days ago in Toronto city.

Karima, a Baloch human rights activist, who fled Pakistan to Canada in 2015, was found dead in Toronto on December 22, 2020.

The 37-year-old activist’s body was found near Lake Ontario two days after her disappearance.

Toronto Police found no foul play behind her death whereas the Baloch and other Pakistanis, living in Canada and other parts of the world, called it a targeted killing by Pakistan’s spy agencies.

Protesters, including Baloch, Pashtun, Hazara and French citizens, chanted slogans against oppression in Pakistan and appealed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Toronto Police to further investigate the mysterious death of Karima Baloch.

“In an interview a few years ago, former Pakistan president and ex-army chief General Parvez Musharraf clearly stated that they would chase Baloch activists and eliminate them. After his interview, we saw this trend emerging. Rashid Baloch, who was living in Dubai disappeared and later Pakistani agencies claimed him to be apprehended and taken back from Dubai to Pakistan with the help of the UAE authorities,” said Munir Mengal, president, Baloch Voice Association.

“There is a foul play behind the mysterious death of Karima Baloch. We demand Canadian authorities to investigate her mysterious death as she was facing many life threats,” he added.

“Karima Baloch’s husband Hammal Haider has been demanding from the police that the police should be giving more information about their conclusion that this was a case of suicide,” said Taha Siddiqui, a Pakistani journalist who is living in exile in Paris in his address. (ANI)

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