PM Oli reopens Nepal’s historic quake-hit Dharahara tower

Kathmandu, April 24

Nepal Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli on Saturday inaugurated the newly-constructed historic Dharahara tower that collapsed in a powerful earthquake in 2015, a day before the disaster’s sixth anniversary.

The 19th century, 11-storey tower, a major tourist attraction, was among the buildings which collapsed in the 7.8-magnitude quake that hit the country on April 25, killing nearly 9,000 people and injuring about 22,000 others.

Oli inaugurated the new 22-storey, 84-metre white tower, that was built two and a half centuries ago as per the orders of then Queen Lalit Tripura Sundari, by showering flowers from the top-floor balcony and declaring it open to the general public.

The newly-built tower provides a spectacular panoramic view of the Kathmandu city.

The old tower had a spiral staircase and was built by using mud, bricks and wood, while the new structure is made of concrete, iron and cement.

The tower had already been rebuilt once, after a 1934 earthquake and is part of a huge national reconstruction programme.

In December 2019, Oli laid the foundation stone of the new tower that has been built in the same architectural style as the old one but with a larger diameter and by using modern technology.

The new tower also has two elevators along with the traditional stairs leading up to the top floor. A garden, museum, colorful fountain, an exhibition hall, underground parking and shopping complex would also be built on its premises.

Its estimated cost is Nepali Rupees 3.5 billion. PTI

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