Oznational anthem sees a change after 36 years

Melbourne: The lyrics of Australia’s national anthem have been changed by one word for the first time since 1984 to reflect what Prime Minister Scott Morrison calls “the spirit of unity”. The PM on the New Year’s eve announced that the second line of the anthem has been changed from “For we are young and free” to “For we are one and free”. Governor-General David Hurley agreed to the Commonwealth’s recommendation for the amendment. PTI

2 lakh-year-old tools unearthed in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: A Saudi Arabian scientific team from the Heritage Authority discovered stone tools used by the inhabitants of Assyrian civilisation in the Paleolithic period that date back to 2,00,000 years. The Heritage Authority said the discovered stone tools from the Shuaib Al-Adgham area, located east of the Al-Qassim region, are stone axes from the Middle Paleolithic period. IANS

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