Over 800 Indian peacekeepers honoured

Dubai, December 7

A UAE-based Indian expat has been charged with beating a compatriot to death after a heated argument over illegal rented accommodation, according to a media report.

The Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday heard the case and charged the 31-year-old accused for assaulting and leaving his compatriot in unconscious condition following an argument after he went to collect rent from the victim, the Gulf News reported on Sunday.

According to records, the incident happened in August when the victim’s mother was worried as her repeated calls to her son went unanswered.

She then called his friend, who went to his rented apartment to check after breaking open the door with the security guard and found him lying dead on the bed.

Dubai Police were alerted and investigations revealed that the victim had died three days before the body was discovered, the report, which does not identify both the victim and defendant, said. A senior police official said that after speaking to people around the victim’s apartment they arrested an Indian man, who was tasked by the owner of the building to collect rent from the tenants. — PTI

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