Outpour of bipartisan help from US lawmakers to Biden for extending assist to India to battle Covid

Washington, April 28

In an outpour of support during India’s moment of crisis, American lawmakers applauded President Joe Biden for all help he was extending to save lives of people suffering from Covid, and urged him to do more.

“The US maintains a moral obligation to assist our ally India as they face severe challenges posed by Covid. We must take every necessary step to ensure the Indian people receive the aid and assistance they need in order to emerge from this crisis,” Congressman Brad Sherman, a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said on Tuesday.

“My heart goes out to the people of India and neighbouring nations as they fight an uphill battle with Covid. I’m glad that the White House is providing these life-saving vaccines, but we will need a strong, coordinated global response in the days ahead,” Congresswoman Carolyn Boudreaux said.

Congressman Michael Waltz Press said India is an essential ally in America’s global competition with China. “Its strength is important to stability in Asia and the United States. We must do what we can to help them curb their new wave of Covid cases,” he added.

Congressman Bill Foster said while America continues to make progress in battling this pandemic, the critical situation in India can’t be ignored.

Several other American lawmakers have also come out in support of India as its people battle one of the gravest challenges to its public health system.

“I am glad to see President Biden taking action to aid the people of India as they experience a devastating surge of Covid. This will save lives and bring relief to millions of Indian-Americans who are worried about the health and safety of their loved ones in India,” Congressman Steven Horsford said.

The United States and India have both suffered tremendously from Covid, and the countries will crush this virus together, he added.

Congressman Joe Morell said the US has a moral obligation to help its global partners fight back against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I stand alongside President Biden, the Congressional India Caucus, and our local Indian American community to support increased aid to India during their time of need,” he said. PTI

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