One other US black teen shot by cops

Columbus, April 21

The fatal shooting of a knife-wielding Black teenage girl by police in Columbus, Ohio, came within minutes of the verdict in George Floyd’s killing — causing outrage by some in the community over the continued police use of lethal force.

Officials with the Columbus Division of Police released footage of the shooting Tuesday night just hours after it happened, a departure from protocol as the force faces immense scrutiny from the public following a series of recent high-profile police killings that have led to clashes. The 10-second clip shows a cop shooting the girl who was swinging a knife wildly at another girl or woman, who fell backward. The officer shouted several times to get down.

A man immediately yells at the officer, “You didn’t have to shoot her! She’s just a kid, man!” The officer responds, “She had a knife. She just went at her.” The race of the police officer, who opened fire, wasn’t clear. — Agencies

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