No winner but, end result hinges on four states

Washington, November 5

Weary Americans will have to wait for some more time to know the clear winner of the closely fought election between Republican President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden, as the final outcome hinged on four states on Thursday where a flood of mail-in ballots triggered by the Covid pandemic was still being counted.

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  • Donald Trump 213
  • Joe Biden 253
  • Magic number 270 | votes in Electoral College 538

Two days after the presidential poll, Biden is nearing the magic figure of 270 electoral votes to win the race to the White House, with the former US Vice-President bagging 253 votes compared to 213 won by Trump, according to latest US media projections.

Projections on Wednesday put Biden as the winner in Michigan and Wisconsin, two states Trump won in 2016. “Every vote must be counted. Keep the faith, guys. We’re gonna win,” he tweeted. An hour later, Trump tweeted, “Stop the count!”

The results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Nevada are yet to be declared as officials counted millions of votes, some that were cast on Tuesday and many more during weeks of early voting amidst the surging pandemic. To reach the magic figure of 270 to claim victory, Trump must win all the four remaining battleground states.

Biden could reach the 270 vote threshold if he holds onto his leads in Arizona and Nevada. Trump, however, still has a path to victory if he can take back any one of the states where Biden is leading. Trump is leading in other states that have not yet been called: Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina and Alaska. By sweeping these, but not flipping a Biden-leaning state, Trump would end up with 268 votes, just short of the 270 needed to win.

In the US election, voters decide state-level contests rather than a single, national one. Each US state gets a certain number of Electoral College votes partly based on the size of the population, with a total of 538 up for grabs.

The Trump campaign said the President would formally request a Wisconsin recount, citing “irregularities in several Wisconsin counties”. The Trump campaign also filed a lawsuit in Michigan to stop counting there. — PTI

States that hold key to the white House

  • The final outcome in the US Prez race hinges on four states where a flood of mail-in ballots, triggered by Covid pandemic, remains to be counted
  • President Trump must win all these — Georgia (16 votes) | Pennsylvania (20) | North Carolina (15) | Nevada (6) — to reach the magic figure of 270

Record votes for Biden

  • 72 mn votes for Biden, the most won by any presidential candidate ever
  • 68 mn votes for Trump, 4 million more than he gained in 2016

Bumpy road ahead

If victorious, Biden faces a tough battle to govern, with Republicans appearing poised to keep control of the US Senate


  • Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in Georgia to ensure late arriving ballots are not counted
  • Trump’s campaign said they would seek a recount in Wisconsin; projections put Biden as winner here
  • Police in Portland arrest 11 armed persons

Market buoyant

Stock index futures jumped as investors bet that potential gridlock could reduce the chance of major policy changes

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