No matter vaccine is obtainable, take it: Fauci

Washington, February 25

Dr Anthony Fauci says if a coronavirus vaccine is available, regardless of which one, take it.

The top US infectious disease expert told NBC on Thursday a third vaccine becoming available “is nothing but good news” and would help control the pandemic.      

US regulators announced on Wednesday that Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine offers strong protection against severe COVID-19. It’s expected to be approved soon by the FDA.

Fauci warns people not to hold off on getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine while waiting for the slightly more effective Pfizer or Moderna shots.

He says it’s a race “between the virus and getting vaccines into people” and “the longer one waits not getting vaccinated, the better chance the virus has to get a variant or a mutation”.

Fauci says public health officials are always concerned about virus variants and stressed following public health measures of wearing masks and social distancing.

The predominant coronavirus variant in the United States is from Britain. Fauci says the vaccines distributed in the US “clearly can take care of that particular strain”. AP

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