Netanyahu: Will danger friction with US over Iran

Tel Aviv, June 1

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that he was prepared to risk tension with the US if that was what it took to neutralise Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

The embattled premier, whose political future is in question just 11 days out from a bruising war, said Israel’s biggest threat remains the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran. He said Israel was prepared to prevent that from happening even if the United States and other nations succeed in reinstating the 2015 Iran nuclear accord.

“If we have to choose, I hope it doesn’t happen, between friction with our great friend the United States and eliminating the existential threat — eliminating the existential threat wins,” Netanyahu said.

He spoke at a ceremony for David Barnea, the new chief of Israel’s Mossad spy agency.

Iran has accused Israel of being behind a number of attacks killing Iranian nuclear scientists or sabotaging Iranian nuclear facilities. — AP

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