Muslim world erupts in protest over Macron’s post-attack comment

Dhaka/Islamabad, October 30

Tens of thousands of Muslims protested in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestinian territories, Denmark, Russia, Lebanon, Germany, etc., on Friday after killings in a French church prompted a vow from President Emmanuel Macron to stand firm against attacks on French values and freedom of belief.

Another arrested after church attack in Nice

Nice: A new suspect was held on Friday amid the investigation into a gruesome attack that resulted in killing of three people in a French church. The 47-year-old suspect was “in contact with attacker” the night before the incident. AP

French Interior Minister Gerald Damarnin said France was engaged in a war against Islamist ideology and more attacks were likely.

In Pakistan, police fired tear gas at thousands of demonstrators marching towards the French Embassy in Islamabad, with some protesters trying to break through police barricades.

In Bangladesh, tens of thousands marched through Dhaka, chanting “Boycott French products” and carrying banners calling Macron “the world’s biggest terrorist”.

In Mumbai, 100 posters showing Macron with a boot on his face and calling him a “demon” were pasted on pavements and roads. In Lebanon, police fired tear gas to drive back 300 protesters who marched towards French ambassador’s residence. — Reuters

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