Joe Biden takes jabs at President for ‘filthy India’ comment

Washington, October 25

Slamming President Donald Trump for his comment on India’s air pollution, former vice-president and Democratic Party’s presidential nominee Joe Biden on Saturday said he and his running mate Kamala Harris deeply valued America’s partnership with India.

“President Trump called India ‘filthy’. It’s not how you talk about friends and it’s not how you solve global challenges like climate change,” Biden said in a tweet, two days after Trump during a presidential debate accused China, India and Russia of not taking care of their “filthy” air.

Kamala Harris

“Look at China, how filthy it is. Look at Russia. Look at India. The air is filthy,” Trump had said during the final presidential debate with Biden in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday.

“Kamala Harris and I deeply value our partnership and will put respect back at the centre of our foreign policy,” Biden said in a tweet Saturday as he retweeted his op-ed in the latest issue of ethnic India West weekly. “A Biden-Harris administration will build on that great progress and do even more. We can and should be natural allies,” Biden wrote in the op-ed.

“That’s why if elected President, I will continue what I have long called for: The US and India will stand together against terrorism in all its forms and work together to promote a region of peace and stability where neither China nor any other country threatens its neighbours,” he said.

“We’ll open markets and grow the middle class in both the United States and India,” said Biden. — PTI

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  • US President Donald Trump has been “weak and chaotic” with China on trade and could not lead an effective strategy to mobilise a true international effort to pressure, isolate and punish Beijing, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said.
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