Indian-Individuals conflict over insurance policies

New York, November 6

A South-Asian support group for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has slammed Donald Trump for tearing apart communities and failing to denounce white supremacy, while a strong Indian-American Trump supporter said the President had united minority communities, views that highlighted a clash between Indian-Americans over policies of the leaders.

Jay Kansara, former director of Director of Government Relations at the Hindu American Foundation and a Trump supporter, said Trump had done very well with Hispanic voters even though the Democrats were still trying to claim victory in states such as Michigan and Wisconsin. He said it was an indication that the Democrats had “simply not accepted the reality that Trump …actually united minority communities — African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans.” Kansara was part of a discussion during a virtual post-election political analysis hosted by nonprofit Indian diaspora organisation ‘Indiaspora’. To this, National Director of South Asians for Biden Neha Dewan said, “I think we might be living in different countries.” — PTI.

‘Communities torn apart’

Communities certainly has been torn apart with the Muslim ban and a spike in hate crimes. So I’m not sure where the unity part comes in. I must have been sleeping over the last four years. — Neha Dewan, National Director, South Asians for Biden

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