Indian-American scholar Randeep Hothi sues Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Report

New York, August 8

An Indian-American scholar and Tesla critic Randeep Hothi has sued Elon Musk, claiming that the accusation made by the Tesla CEO that he “almost killed” his manufacturing facility workers is defamatory, the media reported.

A doctoral candidate in Asian languages and cultures at University of Michigan, Hothi has created @skabooshka Twitter account the place he fact-checked Musk and Tesla’s “published claims regarding the electric vehicle manufacturer’s automation, technology and production processes,” experiences 

According to Hothi’s lawyer, his consumer began fact-checking Tesla through a Twitter account “as a social experiment through crowd-sourcing information related to his social science doctorate work.” Beginning in 2018, Hothi, donning the function of a social activist, noticed Tesla’s manufacturing at its Fremont, California-based manufacturing facility.

“He also documented construction of Tesla’s Model 3 assembly line tent, sharing photos of his Twitter followers”.

Tesla additionally apparently investigated Hothi from their finish.

In 2019, Hothi noticed a Tesla-owned automobile with roof-mounted cameras on the street that was recording audio, video and knowledge.

“Hothi followed the vehicle, observed it, photographed it and posted the photographs at Twitter. At no point did Hothi either drive recklessly or endanger the safety of the occupants of the Tesla vehicle,” the defamation lawsuit learn.

A couple of days later, Tesla filed a civil restraining order towards Hothi claiming he trespassed, stalked, harassed and endangered Tesla workers.

The harassment case towards Hothi was dropped by Tesla later.

But Musk apparently had not let the dispute go, in response to the report.

In an change of emails with Aaron Greenspan, the proprietor of the litigation publishing web site, Musk mentioned: “As for the people you mention below, they have actively harassed, and in the case of Hothi, almost killed Tesla employees”. 

“What was a sideswipe when Hothi hit one of our people could easily have been a death with 6 inches of difference,” the e-mail additional mentioned, which has been cited in Hothi’s lawsuit.

“As one of the highest-profile and wealthiest individuals in the world, Musk knew or should have known his accusations concerning Hothi would be conveyed to a worldwide audience and would result in the accusations receiving significant publicity,” the lawsuit claimed.

Tesla or Musk have been but to touch upon the lawsuit.

According to Hothi’s bio on University of Michigan’s web site, he’s involved in how minority communities—particularly diasporic Sikhs—creatively reply to the world round them. 

“My interest in Sikh Studies is inspired by a real need to contribute knowledge to Sikh communities while also contributing to academic debates in the humanities and social scientists,” the bio learn. IANS

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