Going through vax scarcity, Trudeau dials Modi

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New Delhi, February 11

A glitch in vaccine imports that left parts of the country uncovered by inoculation compelled Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to call up PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday night despite a slight strain in ties due to the farmers’ agitation.

South Block capitalised on Trudeau having to fall back on India despite strained ties by only highlighting his request for the supply of vaccines. Moments before Trudeau made the phone call to Modi, the Canadian opposition had seized on the breaking down of the vaccine supply chain to embarrass the Trudeau government.

The MEA said Trudeau had also said if the world managed to conquer Covid, it would be also due to India’s tremendous pharmaceutical capacity and Modi’s leadership in sharing this capacity with the world.

The Health Minister was asked by her rival shadow Health Minister if Canada was planning to approach India for emergency requisitioning of vaccines. The questioning was against the background of Ottawa’s strained ties with India, first over supporting separatists and recently on farmers’ stir. The minister was non-committal, but embarrassed after Delhi let it be known that Trudeau had called up Modi seeking vaccines. Ottawa attempted to retrieve some of the ground by stating that Trudeau discussed many important issues, including the farmers’ protests.

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