Dems clinch Home management, however lowered majority possible

Washington, November 11

Democrats clinched two more years of controlling the House but with a potentially razor-thin majority, a bittersweet finale to last week’s elections that has left them divided and with scant margin for error for advancing their agenda.

The party on Tuesday nailed down at least 218 seats, according to The Associated Press, and could win a few others when more votes are counted.

While that assures command of the 435-member chamber, blindsided Democrats were all but certain to see their current 232-seat majority shrink after an unforeseen surge of Republican voters transformed expected gains of perhaps 15 seats into losses potentially approaching that amount.

“We have the gavel, we have the gavel,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (California), who seems all but certain to continue in that role. While she bemoaned Democrats’ losses in districts where GOP votes proved “almost insurmountable,” she told reporters last week, “We’ve lost some battles but we’ve won the war.”

By retaining the House, Democrats will control the chamber for four consecutive years for only the second time since 1995. As the news sunk in, Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill., who led House Democrats’ campaign committee, announced Monday she wouldn’t seek another term leading that organisation. — Agencies

Pompeo confident of 2nd trump term

Washington: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asserted that there would be a smooth transition to a second Trump term, indicating that he believes the President has won the poll. Once every legal vote is counted, it will lead to a second Trump administration, he said, appearing to reject Biden’s election victory. “The world is watching what’s taking place here. We’re going to count all the votes…,” Pompeo said. Agencies

Prez loyalists get top jobs

Washington: A day after Trump fired Defence Secretary Mark Esper, his (Trump’s) three staunch loyalists were named to top defence jobs. The abrupt changes fuelled worries of a wider effort to drum out anyone considered not loyal to Trump. Agencies

His conduct embarrassing: biden

Washington: Trump not conceding defeat is “an embarrassment and that will not help the President’s legacy,” Biden said. He had congratulatory calls with leaders of France, Germany, Ireland and the UK. PTI

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