Democrats’ VP decide Kamala Harris evokes combined reactions amongst Indian-Americans


Democrats’ VP decide Kamala Harris evokes combined reactions amongst Indian-Americans

Houston, August 16

Kamala Harris’ historic choice because the Democratic vice-presidential candidate has evoked combined reactions from the influential Indian-Americans, with a majority of them voicing unfavourable views concerning the senator’s monitor report and her stance in the direction of India and the neighborhood.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden scripted historical past on Wednesday by choosing 55-year-old Harris, an Indian-American and an African-American, as his working mate within the election on November 3.

Born to a Jamaican father and an Indian mom, California Senator Harris, if elected, can be the primary lady vp ever for the nation.

While her nomination has stuffed many aspiring girls, notably younger girls of color, with pleasure throughout the globe, Harris’ choice has additionally generated combined reactions from about 3.9 million Indian-Americans, each Republicans and indecisive voters, who consider she lacks understanding of what she stands for and doesn’t think about herself as a girl of Indian origin.

Radha Dixit, the founding member of Indo-American Conservatives of Texas, stated, “The Democratic Party’s reliance on ‘Identity politics’ has undermined her campaign because the focus has shifted to her being Indian, Asian, Jamaican, African-American and a woman of colour. Divisions in these communities are now coming to surface. Nowhere did Kamala try to claim her Hindu or Indian heritage but people are thrusting their values on her”.

“If the Democratic Party platform and Kamala Harris’s position on policy issues are the basis for deciding this election as it should be, no conservatives, men or women, will support this ticket,” Dixit stated.

Padma Shri awardee Subhash Kak, Regents Professor Emeritus on the prestigious Oklahoma State University is happy with Harris’ choice however will not be completely happy along with her political affiliation.

“But I’m disappointed with her political positions that are not India-friendly and are far to the left on the political spectrum. In this, she appears to be consistent with Joe Biden who has adopted an agenda that does not acknowledge the need for a special relationship between the United States and India,” Kak stated.

“She has always claimed to be of African descent rather than Indian and her record as an attorney in California is highly questionable. She has in fact promoted corruption in California,” stated Aditya Satsangi, founder Americans4Hindus, an organisation that represents the pursuits of Hindus.

During her maiden tackle to the Indian-American neighborhood, Harris, nonetheless, did mirror on her proud Indian heritage.

“Growing up, my mother would take my sister Maya and me back to what was then called Madras because she wanted us to understand where she had come from and where we had ancestry. And of course, she always wanted to instil in us, a love of good idli,” Harris stated.

Founder of the ‘Living Planet Foundation’ Kusum Vyas considers Harris’ nomination as refreshing however questions her monitor report.

“She has solid credentials, but do we need to support a person who is a known critic of India’s Kashmir policy and has a strong leaning towards Pakistan. She has recommended abolishing the legal immigration process and supports illegal immigration which hurts people from countries like India, who come here legally,” Vyas stated.

“Harris is a supporter of the anti-India, anti-Hindu brigade, who calls herself Black, hates Indian side of her family, never recognised herself as an Indian,” stated Radhika Sud from Atlanta.

She is unaware of the atrocities of Kashmiri Hindus and has aligned with Pakistan. Indian-Americans received’t vote for pro-Pak, pro-China Harris, simply because her mom occurs to be Indian, she stated.

“I would evaluate her on her past policies towards American Hindus and her future approach towards the community. On the first account, I do not see her having given any significant contribution. As for the future posture of the Biden campaign, I am concerned about the public bias they have shown against the American Hindu minority with their policy pronouncements,” stated Utsav Chakrabarti, Executive Director HInduPACT.

Rajiv Verma, a Houston neighborhood activist, believes that with Harris as Vice President, the Biden marketing campaign has wilfully forfeited any hopes to get the Indian-American votes as she opposes each elimination of Article 370 and passage of the brand new citizenship modification act by the Indian parliament.

“Harris’ uninformed comments on Kashmir are interference in another sovereign country’s internal matter and are setting up a dangerous precedent for American politics. The fact that the Democrats have shown no understanding of why India has taken the steps it has, makes me think they are purposely being obtuse,” stated Professor Amulya Gurtu from California.

“Harris needs to brush up her knowledge of Indo-US relations, failing which the votes of admiring Indian-Americans are not likely to translate into votes for the blue ticket. The present Indo-US relations with Modi-Trump chemistry is at its peak since centuries and Indo-American voters are happy with that,” stated Subhash Razdan, Chairman and Co-Founder of Gandhi Foundation USA, in Atlanta.

“My decision not to support Kamala has nothing whatsoever to do with whether she identifies as Indian or Black. It’s about all the Democrats, including her & Biden, toeing the line for vile Kashmiri terrorists in my ancestral homeland of Kashmir,” stated Dr Vasudev Patel, president Federation of Indian-American Association. PTI

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