Corporations should prioritise local weather change battle: Prince Charles

London, November 10

Britain’s heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles said companies must put nature and sustainability at the heart of their business models because the world is “literally at the last step” in the fight against climate change.

Charles, 71, who has spent most of his life campaigning on green issues, said the economic recovery from the Covid pandemic presented an unprecedented opportunity for a shift towards a sustainable model.

“I’m afraid we are literally at the last step. And there is real urgency for action,” the prince told the Green Horizon Summit, designed to mobilise the financial sector in the run-up to a UN climate change conference next year.

“We know now what we have to do to rescue the situation, rather than going on, talking about it.”

He outlined 10 immediate actions that could make a significant difference from mobilising investment in sustainable infrastructure to increasing carbon capture use and storage to “buy us precious time” as the world moves to a net zero economy.

“We must start accounting for natural capital on companies’ balance sheets,” he said. “Without this firms simply cannot tell the true value of their asset base nor how damaging their operations may be on the natural world.” Reuters

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