China protests Raisina Dialogue remarks

Today News Online Service

New Delhi, April 15

The Chinese embassy here has sought to counter remarks made against Beijing during the ongoing Raisina Dialogue by several western political and military leaders whose participation is high as this year’s version is fully digital.

The Chinese embassy spokesperson Wang Xiaojian protested remarks made by US Indo-Pacific Command chief Admiral Phil Davidson and others about Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan, by describing happenings in these regions as China’s internal affairs. “Making baseless and irresponsible remarks is not acceptable. We are firmly opposed to interference in China’s internal affairs by any country or anyone under any pretext,” he said.

Wang also objected to some western officials stating that ‘China does not share our values’. “China has being calling for upholding values of peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom. Aren’t these the values that all of us should be committed to,” he asked. 


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