China below Xi Jinping has turn into very aggressive, bullish: Nikki Haley

Washington, July 29

China below President Xi Jinping has turn into extra aggressive and bullish, former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley stated on Tuesday, asserting that such a behaviour is unlikely to final lengthy.

Indian-American Haley, in an interview to Fox News, stated the Chinese had been quiet and strategic throughout her tenure on the UN. They moved and made certain that they had been making an attempt to get positions in sure areas, and making an attempt to get issues completed behind closed doorways, she stated.

“Then once President Xi kind of named himself king, they got very aggressive. They got very bullish. They started to kind of point their fingers in countries’ faces saying, you’d better vote with us. They started to be very aggressive at the UN in wanting positions and wanting to have leadership roles. And they started talking down to everyone,” Haley alleged.

With their Belt and Road initiative, the Chinese began actually making an attempt to purchase up these infrastructures or partnering with smaller nations on infrastructure initiatives, she stated.

“But yet they go in, they wouldn’t assimilate with the countries. The countries didn’t like their attitude when they were coming in. Now we look at it, it’s getting more aggressive in tone,” stated Haley, who resigned  as UN ambassador in 2018 after practically two years within the publish.

“But this can’t last. You know, any country that is not letting its people be free, there will be a time when the people rebel. So right now they’re continuing to push, they’re continuing to put pressure on Hong Kong, as we’ve seen. We’re starting to see the pressure go to Taiwan, the South China Sea, in India. All of this is them playing kind of a king of the mountain scenario,” Haley stated.

She stated the US must “let them know we’re on to them, we need to actually follow through on the intellectual property measures that were in that trade deal that we had and hold them accountable”.

“We need to make sure we continue to let them know we’re building up our military so that they know not to mess with us. We need to make sure that our American companies understand that when you do business in China, you are required to work with the Chinese military. That is a national security threat to America. And we really need to have those conversations with those Americans,” Haley stated in response to a query.

Supporting President Donald Trump’s choice to shut the Chinese consulate in Houston, Haley alleged that these consulates have been “spy centres” for a very long time.

“I mean there’s no question that they had some illegal activity going on in those consulates. So I was thrilled to see them close down the one in Houston, which was known to be kind of the epicentre of where all of this was going on. And I think, you know, when you have Chinese officials being hidden at consulates, it goes to show you’re doing something wrong,” she stated.

“This is where we really have to crack down on the spying. Whether it’s the intellectual property, whether it’s the theft that they’re trying to do with our research with the vaccine and with what’s going on with the coronavirus, we have to really start cracking down. I was glad to see them do that,” Haley stated. PTI

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