Biden to ratify orders to advertise native merchandise

Washington, January 25

US President Joe Biden is all set to sign a series of executive orders to promote Made in America products and strengthen supply chains, senior officials said, asserting that the new administration remains committed to working with partners and allies to modernise international trade rules.

Prominent among the executive orders include a strict enforcement of procuring products made inside the country by federal agencies. This is very significant given that contracting alone accounts for nearly USD 600 billion in federal spending.

Lifts military ban on transgender people

  • Biden has signed an executive order that overturned a controversial ban by Trump on transgender individuals serving in the US military
  • “It’s simple: America is safer when everyone qualified to serve can do so openly and with pride,” Biden said on Twitter after ratification

Biden is taking action to reset the US government’s longstanding approach to domestic preferences to create an approach that will remain durable for years to come and grow quality, union jobs, according to a senior administration official.

The President’s Executive Order establishes the goals and standards necessary to use federal purchasing, and other forms of federal assistance with domestic preference requirements, as a way to proactively invest in American industry so it can continue to lead in the global marketplace, the White House said. — PTI

Dev made acting head of finance body

Joe Biden has named Indian-American Dev Jagadesan as the acting head of International Development Finance Corporation. The name of Jagadesan figured on the acting agency leadership list announced by Biden.

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