Biden indicators order to make sure racial fairness

Washington, January 27

US President Joe Biden has signed a series of executive orders to ensure racial equity across the country, acting on one of his core campaign promises to dismantle “systemic racism” that has plagued America far too long.

While announcing the four presidential actions at the White House on Tuesday, Biden cited the killing of George Floyd, a Black man, by a Minneapolis police officer last May, which touched off demonstrations across the country. “In my campaign for President, I made it very clear that the moment had arrived as a nation where we face deep racial inequities in America and systemic racism that has plagued our nation for far, far too long,” Biden said.

Jayapal, Krishnamoorthi on key panel

  • Indian-origin lawmakers Pramila Jayapal and Raja Krishnamoorthi have been named on key congressional panels.
  • Named by Nancy Pelosi, Jayapal will be in a budget committee and Krishnamoorthi will be on a panel on Covid crisis

“We have never fully lived up to the founding principles of this nation, to state the obvious, that all people are created equal and have a right to be treated equally throughout their lives. And it’s time to act now,” Biden said at a White House ceremony to sign the executive order.

In an executive order, Biden directed federal agencies to combat resurgence of xenophobia, particularly against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, that he said have skyrocketed during the Covid pandemic. — PTI

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