Be powerful towards China: US intelligence designate

Washington, January 20

Asserting that China is a challenge to the security and prosperity of the US, spy chief nominee Avril Haines has said she supports an aggressive stance to deal with the challenges that the country is now facing from Beijing.

America’s approach to China has to evolve and essentially meet the reality of the particularly assertive and aggressive China that is being experienced now, Haines told lawmakers during her confirmation hearing for the post of Director of National Intelligence on Tuesday.

If confirmed by the Senate, Haines will be the first woman to occupy this post, looking after 18 agencies, including the CIA and the FBI. — PTI

China wants to dominate world: Def secy nominee

  • China, which already is a regional hegemon, is now aiming to be a dominant world power, America’s defence secretary-designate retired Gen Lloyd Austin has told lawmakers
  • He cited Beijing’s recent coercive behaviour across the globe.

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