Ballot rigged, says Trump at 1st post-election rally

Washington, December 6

A defiant Donald Trump is showing no signs of surrender and has reiterated yet again his unsubstantiated allegations of widespread voter fraud, claiming at his first post-poll rally in Georgia that he won a “rigged” US presidential election that he lost.

Trump alleged that the last month’s US election was rigged in favour of his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, who is now the President-elect.

“They cheated and rigged our presidential election, and they’re gonna try to rig this election too,” Trump told his cheering supporters at the rally in Georgia, where he campaigned for his Republican candidates for the Special Senatorial elections.

Trump began by falsely claiming he won Georgia in the presidential race. The state has already certified its election results, declaring Biden the winner. Trump claimed he won an election that he lost.

“If I lost, I would be a very gracious loser. If I lost, I would say I lost and I would go to Florida and I would take it easy,” Trump said at the rally.

Trump was a resident of New York. After becoming the President, he moved his residence from New York to Florida.

‘Sense of revenge’

The answer to the Democrats’ fraud is not to stay at home; that’s what (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi and (Senate Minority Leader Chuck) Schumer want you to do — stay at home. If you want to do something to them, I don’t want to use the word revenge, but it is a sense of revenge. You show up and vote in record numbers. — Donald Trump

Thousands of his supporters, not only from Georgia, but also from the neighbouring states, as far as California and Ohio, came to hear his speech. This was Trump’s first public rally after he lost the election and Biden was declared as the President-elect. “I think they say that if you win Florida and if you win Ohio, in history you’ve never lost an election. This has got to be a first time, but the truth is they were right, we’ve never lost and we’re winning this election,” Trump said. He urged his supporters to go out and vote for the January 5 Senate elections in Georgia. “They cheated and they rigged our presidential election, but we will still win it,” he said.— PTI

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