As stress grips US, cautious China hopes for higher ties

Beijing/Minnesota, Nov 5

Amid tense vote count in the US, a wary China on Thursday hoped the poll process in the US would end smoothly. It also said there was a room for cooperation between the two nations despite some differences. Observers have forecast heightening of the rivalry between the top two economies no matter whoever emerges victorious. The US presidential election remained undecided on Thursday evening, turning the nation’s attention to a handful of battleground states that continue to tabulate the crush of mail-in ballots that will decide whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden will be victorious.

Biden pledges to rejoin Paris deal

Washington: Joe Biden has pledged that his administration would rejoin the historic Paris Agreement on climate change. Biden, 77, is inching closer to the White House by garnering 253 electoral votes out of the required 270, as per media predictions. Meanwhile, Tufts University experts said voters aged 18-29 years are voting in record numbers, indicating youngsters can shape the poll outcome. PTI

“People are following closely, me included but it seems that the votes are still being counted and results have not come yet,” China’s Vice-Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said at a media conference.

Over 12 Indian-Americans win state-level elections

Washington: Over a dozen Indian-Americans have won state-level elections. Five such women are Jenifer Rajkumar (New York), Nima Kulkarni (Kentucky), Kesha Ram (Vermont), Vandana Slatter (Washington) and Padma Kuppa (Michigan). Niraj Antani won from Ohio, Jay Chaudhuri from North Carolina, Amish Shah from Arizona, Nikil Saval from Pennsylvania, Ranjeev Puri from Michigan and Jeremy Cooney from New York. Ash Kalra has been re-elected to the California State Assembly. Ravi Sandill won district judge polls in Texas. PTI

“We hope the election will proceed smoothly,” Le, a former Ambassador to India said, adding that there is a room for cooperation despite “some differences”.

The US also witnessed riots in Portland and arrested 11 people besides seizing fireworks, hammers and a rifle on the night after voting. Demonstrations, mostly small and peaceful, were held by Biden’s supporters.

Trump supporters, some armed with weapons, gathered outside an election centre in Arizona on Wednesday night after rumours that votes for the Republican president were not being counted. — Agencies.

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