1,800 college students, workers at UK varsities check +ve

London, October 9

More than 1,800 students and staff from universities across the northeast of England, currently under tougher localised lockdowns, tested positive for Covid over a week.

Newcastle University said 1,003 students and 12 members of staff were confirmed to have been infected with coronavirus in the past week. At Northumbria University, there were 619 new infections and Durham University confirmed 219 cases among students over the week.

Most universities are planning to switch to online teaching for at least three weeks, except in cases where in-person lessons are essential. Newcastle University said “the overwhelming majority of cases was from social and residential settings” and said appropriate measures were being taken to protect everyone on campus.

“We expected to see cases rise in the light of the increase in infection rate both locally and nationally and all higher education institutions have to manage this,” a spokesperson said.

“We feel confident that we have appropriate measures in place to protect us all while we are on campus and to reduce the potential risk of transmission in our community,” the spokesperson said.

Durham University has asked students living in two colleges to remain on campus for the next week following a sharp rise in cases. — PTI

China: Virus broke out globally last year

Beijing: China on Friday claimed that Covid broke out in various parts of the world last year, but it was the only one to have “reported and acted first”. It refuted the widely held view that the deadly contagion originated in Wuhan before turning out to be a pandemic. PTI

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