Whenever you consider health, consider a ‘food plan plan’

Timsi Bector

We often come across this statement ‘I am on diet’ or ‘I am dieting’ these days. Now what does it mean exactly? Do you really know the difference between being ‘on diet’ and ‘on a diet plan’? When you are dieting, you are restricting your diet, starving yourself or skipping meals. Why did you start it? Probably you felt that you were gaining inches or you were getting overweight and did not have the time to hit the gym. So, this was an easy escape. If this is the case, then let me foretell your fitness future.

1. You are slowing down your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), instead of boosting it. You are not giving any task to your system but expecting it to work.

2. By dieting, you can see some temporary results but cannot achieve a sustainable fit body. These temporary results do not come alone in life. They come along with problems like low- energy level, headache, mood swings, irritating behaviour and digestion problems.

3. You will also devoid yourself of some very important nutrients by avoiding many food items. So you will end up ageing, being lethargic, untoned and unfit.

4. By dieting you are losing not only fat but muscles also. So, from where will you get your body strength? Looking fit and being fit are two different things.

Path to wellness

You need a complete wellness plan. A wellness plan includes a nutrient rich diet that is planned considering your medical condition, physical data and many other factors. It includes a suitable workout regime and lifestyle modifications. Burning out in the gym is good, however, restricting your diet for a few months is not a sustainable solution.

Things to do

1. Alter your lifestyle by focusing on your breathing pattern, your posture, your daily movements and also your thought process.

2. Include a workout regime suitable for your body and medical conditions.

3. Be disciplined in your approach when it comes to ‘fuel your body’. Focus on clean, home-cooked, unprocessed and local food.

This will surely lead to:

1) Change your internal body composition which is the healthiest way of losing weight.

2) Increase your BMR which implies sustainable fitness.

3) Make your system stronger and increase your immunity.

4) Replenish all the required nutrients by improving their absorption and circulation to each and every cell of the body.

This ultimately will help you achieve holistic wellness by achieving a stress-free mind and a fit body. So next time you think of fitness, go for a “diet plan’ and not just ‘dieting’.

(Bector is a Ludhiana-based nutritionist and fitness trainer)

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