To search out true happiness, one wants to coach the thoughts

Renee Singh

Once we realise that we only are responsible for our own happiness, our world changes. We stop playing the blame game. We know that we have the power to overcome our weakness, and achieve a true and genuine state of happiness.

We, in our lives, face many situations which take us to some delightful level of happiness. Yet, no matter how marvellous the experiences are, they never last. They are transitory.

We need to create happiness on a conscious level and there are various ways to train our mind to do it.

Trust the higher power

When you trust in the higher power and the wisdom of your sub-conscious to guide you, and direct your ways, you become calm and relaxed. You radiate peace and joy and become a conduit of happiness.

Choose happiness

Make a conscious decision to be happy. Repeat to yourself—Divine order, take charge of my life. All things must work together for the common good. Let divine love surround you.

Be a magnet

Whenever your attention wanders away from the good, bring it back to focus on the good. Be a mental magnet to attract all required and desirable things to yourself.

Desire to be happy

Many people like to believe that the world is a cruel place. They feel guilty about wanting to be happy. For example, there is a woman, who constantly complains about her illness, tries to remain in the victim mode and play the role of a martyr. She enjoys the attention of her children, and people around her, she seems to actually enjoy the benefits of her negative mind set. So, it is essential that the awareness of a happy mind is created and felt.

Make happiness a habit

Keep all joyous habits in your mental kit. Keep singing, whistling, smiling, laughing, and after some time, it will just become a habit. When you reach a certain level of joy, your frequency changes. You will then mentally emit that element.

Law of attraction

A negative mind set will attract a negative environment which in turn creates a vicious cycle of negativity. Staying positive and attracting positivity is the only way to be.

Get rid of guilt

Many of us in our childhood are taught that we must suffer in order to be labelled as good human beings. Suffering is glorified in most cultures. We are taught to feel guilty if we are happy. This is so very wrong and damaging to our psyche. We need to teach our mind to get rid of guilt and get comfortable within ourselves.

Keep your mind calm

Happiness is the harvest of a quiet mind. Resentment and anger in the mind take us in the wrong direction.

(Singh is a Chandigarh-based psychotherapist)

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