Publish jab, an infection doable, however much less extreme: Specialists

Karam Prakash
Today News Online Service
Patiala, March 19

Amid the growing misconception about the Covid vaccination, health experts have opined post-vaccine the infection is quite possible. However, the vaccination would allay the severity and casualties, said the experts. In the wake of the Covid cases post vaccination, people have raised doubts about the vaccine’s efficacy.

Clearing the doubts and misconception, Dr RPS Sibia, Head, Medicine Department, Government Medical College, said: “The vaccine will prevent Covid infection. Covaxin is made of killed coronavirus, while Covishield from a weakened version of the virus. There is no chance of getting positive due to vaccination.”

On cases where people have tested positive even after getting vaccinated, Dr Sibia said as the vaccine efficacy was not 100 per cent, chances of infection after the Covid shot were quite there — even after 14 days of second dose.

However, Dr Rajesh Bhasker, state nodal officer, claimed the vaccination would fortify the immunity to fight the virus by developing antibodies in the body — only after 14 days of the second dose. “People can get positive after one dose or second dose as it takes 14 days after the second dose for the body to fully develop antibodies. If the said time period is not over, there are chances of getting positive.”

Health experts said the vaccination wouldn’t deter the virus from getting into the body rather it would fight off once it was inside the body.

Meanwhile, Dr Summet Singh, MD, Community Medicine, said, “Even after getting the vaccine, people shouldn’t lower their guard and should wear face mask and follow Covid protocols. Though virus may not cause symptoms in those who have been vaccinated, they can be carriers of the virus and, they, therefore, can infect other people.”

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