Professionals complain of eye issues; medical doctors name it ‘Pc Imaginative and prescient Syndrome’; learn

Sukhmeet Bhasin
Today News Online Service

Bathinda, March 12

Employees are at risk of long-term eye damage since they have started working from home due to the global pandemic.

Apart from working on screens, professionals prefer streaming online programmers for long hours on their smartphones or TVs—this could lead to serious eye trouble.

The  over usage of computers and mobiles could develop serious eye issues, ranging from visual fatigue, and headaches to more complicated problems, like dry eyes, blurred vision, double vision, irritation, watering, and so on.

Dry eyes and eye strain have become so common, that researches have named it Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Burning or stinging, decreased or blurred vision, sensitivity to light, red or watery eyes, the feeling of having something stuck in your eyes, and difficulty in wearing contact lens, and driving at night are among the few symptoms of CVS.

“On a daily basis, we are getting professionals, who are working from home, with headache complaints, blur sight and irritation in eyes,” claimed doctors.

Experts have warned that as natural light dwindles in the daytime, adults would be putting extra strain on their eyes. 

An ophthalmologist from Bathinda, Dr Parul Gupta, said: “There is a hike in patients, who are working professionals, with complaints of dry eyes and blurry vision”.

Parul said, that earlier there was no such screen time, but due to the pandemic, the sudden “over-exposure” to screens has led to dryness and stinging sensation in the eyes, blurry vision, a slight headache, and probable ache in your neck, back, and shoulders.

“For all the working professionals, it is important to follow the 20-20-20 rule to keep from staring too long at your screen. Take a 20-second break from your computer or device every 20 minutes and look at something 20-feet away,” suggested Parul.

Health expert Dr Vitul K Gupta said that “with living in modern digital world, mankind is confronted with newer health challenges a  “21st century epidemic,” stealthily destroying relationships, increasing mental disorders, making people impulsive, unable to concentrate, and do hard work, developing into a grave Public Health Crisis.

Association of Physicians of India 9Malwa Branch has initiated a research project “To Evaluate Mobile Phone Use and its Level of Dependence: A Survey”, he added.

He added that computers, mobile phones, laptops etc, has influenced every aspect of our lives, especially during COVID lockdown, and afterwards with work from home concepts. This is ushering a new class of disease like computer related illnesses, Facebook syndrome or  internet addiction affecting our physical, psychological functioning, mental health, and general well-being, he concluded.

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