Parliament clears National Fee for Allied and Healthcare Professionals Invoice 2021

Vibha Sharma
Today News Online Service
New Delhi, March 24

The Lok Sabha on Wednesday cleared the National Commission for Allied and Healthcare Professionals Bill 2021. The legislation seeks to provide regulation and maintenance of standards of education and services by allied and healthcare professionals.

The majority of members, including Opposition parties, praised the government and Health Minister Harsh Vardhan for bringing the legislation “recognising the contribution of allied healthcare professional, giving them dignity and establishing the respect long due to them”.    

“Whenever Covid pandemic is mentioned, doctors and nurses are recognised as frontline warriors. However, the allied and healthcare workers have played a major role in its management.,” the Health Minister said.

Underlying the role played by paramedics and allied health care workers, such as lab technicians, radiographers, dieticians, during the coronavirus pandemic, the minister said they were as much part of people’s recovery as doctors.

“The legislation will fill the unfilled block in the health puzzle,” he said.

“In Corona period, we remembered doctors, nurses, frontline workers, security staff etc. But there were so many CT scan technician, etc who served during the Covid crisis. There are lakhs of such workers whom we have served,” he said.

“It is a matter of great joy and happiness for the lakhs of health care worker and professionals across the country. Standardisation will improve the distribution of such healthcare workers. This bill makes a paradigm shift is making it more patient-centric,” he said.

Though the bill their standards will be maintained, increasing their professional scope, he said.

“Paramedics and allied healthcare workers are a critical part of the medical profession and their contribution is similar to doctors, if not more,” Vardhan said, initiating the debate.

Vardhan said that the tenure of the Chairman will be two years, but they will be eligible for nomination, It is a new system that is why the tenure has been kept as two years. Several members echoed Vardhan’s sentiments that the proposed legislation will bring a paradigm shift in health professionals’ situation.

The Bill provides for regulation and maintenance of standards of education and services by allied and healthcare professionals, assessment of institutions, maintenance of a central and a state register and creation of a system to improve research and development and adoption of the latest scientific advances.

The advancement in the health sector, changing preferences of consumers and service providers, had warranted the creation of a fresh vision of healthcare delivery with a patient-centric approach and focus on moving to multi-disciplinary team-based care, according to the Bill’ statement

The allied and healthcare professions include a wide range of workers for diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of acute and chronic diseases. These professions also work to optimise patient outcomes and attend to the overall prevention, promotion, wellness, and management of diseases.


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