Our pondering sample is chargeable for creating our future

Renee Singh

Miracles happen all the time. We just have to allow them to happen. Miracles occur when we start relating to the power of our sub-conscious mind.

It is our thinking pattern that is responsible for creating our destiny. Habitual thinking combined with visualisation is responsible for creating the pattern, which impacts our sub-conscious in such a way that life turns to magic.

Let the power work

This is a power that will guide us towards freedom, happiness and peace. It will save us from confusion, melancholia and depressive thoughts.

Conquer your fear

What truly controls our progress on this planet is our fear. It is our biggest reality. We are constantly living in fear. It is only the power of the sub-conscious which can drive this fear away, and make us strong. We need to come out of it to walk towards liberty and freedom.

Trust the infinite healing power

There is an infinite healing power in the sub-conscious mind. We need to understand that the power that created the body to function also has the capacity to heal it, as the power understands the workings of the human mind.

Effective power

There is a scientific way of tapping the hidden reservoir. The sub-conscious of a person is in sync with his thoughts.

Role of desire

We all want joy, peace of mind, security and happiness. The mind works back and forth on problems. It is important to know how the mind works so that we can convert all the negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Change our world

Let’s replace mental images. All the beliefs instilled in our childhood can manifest anytime. They are hidden in our sub-conscious.

Our belief matters

If we fear a certain concept and keep repeating the mental imagery constantly, we will surely create fear. Our fear is a movement of our own mind that creates what we expect and what we believe.

Repetition creates reality

If we will keep repeating a thought again and again, it becomes our second nature. The sub-conscious accepts it and integrates it. We need to enrich our sub-conscious to bring abundance to our life.

Say no to victimhood

Most people are unaware of their power. We should use our power to bring about a radical change. First we need to recognise our power and then we can use it to our advantage.

Create miracles

Miracles are the ways to show us that we are spiritual beings with unlimited potential and capable of creating our own magic. We need to allow the beauty of existence to show up.

(Singh is a Chandigarh-based psycho-therapist)

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