Keep your arms secure

Dr Vikas Sharma

OUR arms are repositories for micro-organisms. The danger of illness and infections like Covid-19 will get enormously decreased by well timed washing or appropriately sanitising the arms. Handwashing, which removes germs out of your pores and skin, stays the easiest way to guard in opposition to coronavirus and different pathogens.

Washing arms with water and utilizing hand sanitisers assist to take away or destroy doubtlessly dangerous micro-organisms. If cleaning soap and water aren’t accessible, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention recommends utilizing alcohol-based hand sanitisers containing at the very least 60 per cent alcohol. Hand sanitisers are medicine, which are available gel, foam and liquid formulations. These kill most germs however don’t take away them out of your pores and skin. Alcohol rub sanitisers kill most micro organism and cease some viruses. If the sanitiser bottle comprises at the very least 70 per cent alcohol, it could kill 99.9 per cent of the micro-organisms on arms in 30 seconds.


  • The alcohol in hand sanitiser works greatest if you rub it throughout your arms, ensuring to get it between your fingers and on the again of your arms.
  • Do not wipe or rinse off the sanitiser earlier than it’s dry.
  • Do not use the sanitiser in case your arms are visibly soiled or greasy; wash your arms with cleaning soap and water as a substitute.
  • To correctly coat your arms, you should apply about three ml of sanitiser (greater than half a teaspoon).
  • Check the bottle for energetic components. It would possibly say ethyl alcohol, ethanol, isopropanol or another chemical. All these are wonderful. But make it possible for whichever of these alcohols is listed, its focus is between 60 and 95 per cent. An alcohol focus underneath 60 per cent received’t kill the microbes.
  • Hand sanitisers will be helpful in case you have no cleaning soap or water round however in case you have the latter, then go for the nice outdated choice.
  • Check the labels on the bottle mentioning the constituents.
  • Water is a necessary ingredient of wholesome pores and skin. If the highest layer will get too dry, pores and skin can grow to be itchy, scaly, infected and leathery. Adequately moisturise your arms.


  • Excessive and overuse of alcohol-based sanitisers can weaken the pores and skin and take away benign micro organism that fend off norovirus and different pathogens. Such instances had been almost six occasions extra in danger for outbreaks of norovirus, which causes most instances of acute gastroenteritis.
  • Sanitising one’s arms too many occasions can abrade the pores and skin, which usually acts as a barrier to maintain moisture in and dangerous brokers out.
  • The pores and skin of the arms can grow to be painfully dry and cracked by over-usage of hand sanitisers. All this may trigger micro-breaks in your pores and skin as a result of your pores and skin is dry. Although the coronavirus primarily enters the physique via the eyes, nostril, and mouth, pores and skin micro-breaks or pores and skin fissures might trigger different kinds of discomfort.
  • Sanitiser overuse can compromise the pores and skin barrier. The alcohol base that makes these merchandise efficient will be irritating to the pores and skin. Alcohol strips the pores and skin barrier of important proteins and lipids, leading to irritation and dryness.
  • Sanitisers don’t clear off meals residue. Fats and sugar deposits don’t vanish out of your arms even in case you sanitise your arms. Use cleaning soap and water to clean them away.
  • Smelling an excessive amount of sanitiser may cause a severe headache or a migraine. Nausea and vomiting may also occur when inhaling fumes from the sanitiser.
  • Over utilization of some hand sanitisers is dangerous because of the presence of sure components in them: Triclosan, an energetic ingredient in some sanitisers, if utilized in extra contributes to creating micro organism immune to antibiotics. Using hand sanitisers with excessive focus of this ingredient may very well decrease your resistance to ailments by killing the nice micro organism.
  • Another ingredient in hand sanitisers, bisphenol, if utilized in extra, will be harmful as it could trigger hormone issues, coronary heart illness, infertility, and even diabetes.
  • Commonly used hand sanitisers comprise chemical substances that improve the flexibility of sure compounds to penetrate deep underneath the pores and skin. Chemicals like bisphenol linger on the pores and skin. If an individual eats proper after making use of sanitiser on his/her arms, he/she could be successfully getting a double dose of the chemical, as soon as via the pores and skin and the second time by consuming it.
  • Triclosan in increased portions can have an effect on the immune operate.
  • Atopics or these having hand dermatitis or eczemas, palmar psoriasis ought to keep away from utilizing hand sanitisers as their current pores and skin cell disturbances can get aggravated.

— The author is chief guide dermatologist, National Skin Hospital, Mansa Devi Complex

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