Harness the facility of your sub-conscious thoughts

Renee Singh

The mankind’s greatest discovery has been the power of the sub-conscious mind. Anyone who can harness this power is capable of creating the life he wants.

You need to realise that the mind has the capacity to solve all problems, heal the body and the mind. It can take you in a world beyond our wildest dreams.

Think unlimited

The first step in creating your reality is to think beyond the boundary. Allow the mind to flow into a realm where it can be in its own world.

Your world is your truth and your own potential reality.

Law of belief

When your mind responds to its own mental picture or thoughts, you then create your own reality.

The way you think, feel and believe, it shapes your mind, body and the circumstances. What you are doing will help you to reach a state of reality.

Healing for perfect health

Every human being desires perfect health, security, peace of mind etc, but how many of us actually get there? We need to change our mental pattern and redirect our emotional life, only then our condition will improve.

In order to attain the state of perfect health, we need to know how our mind works. The mind wanders back and forth on our many problems. Many times it feels frustrated, unhappy and defeated.

Magical power

The miracle working power of the sub-conscious mind has always been there. Harness this magical transforming power. It heals mental and physical wounds.

Allow wonders

The power of the sub-conscious mind proclaims liberty to the fear-ridden mind. Unite mentally and emotionally to the good you want to embody.

The creative power of your sub-conscious will respond accordingly. Let wonders happen in your life. Keep on going till you watch the negativity flee from your life.

You are your belief

Your sub-conscious mind is neutral. It is willing to look at any habit as fitting, whether anyone in the world thinks so or not.

Change your mind

To change your world you need to change your mind.

Be positive and create your desired life.

(Singh is a Chandigarh-based psycho-therapist)

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