Do you may have scalp-related issues?

New Delhi, September 2

Scalp-related issues might be troublesome to determine and tackle. These points can result in a large number of issues itchiness, hair fall, tough texture and so forth. Hair skilled Sareena Acharya, Artistic Head, Enrich Salon shares tips about how one can determine your scalp kind and what really useful plan of action could possibly be taken.

Dry Scalp:

Dry Scalp Is when your pores and skin produces or holds much less or no Sebum, Sebum is the pure lubricant/moisturiser of your pores and skin. Dry Scalp may cause itching, flaking, irritation and redness. It may also trigger the hair to look dry. These flakes are smaller in measurement and white in color.

People with dry pores and skin are extra vulnerable to Dry scalp. The situation may also be attributable to elements like chilly, dry air, older age, extreme washing and so forth. A dry scalp if not handled in time, could trigger Dry Dandruff in some instances.


Using a moisturising, cream-based scalp therapy and shampoo will assist management dryness and irritation. Using scalp conditioner/ masks will deeply moisten the scalp floor.

One also needs to keep away from shampooing regularly. Physical train, balanced eating regimen and consuming sufficient water will assist pores and skin produce sufficient sebum to lubricate the pores and skin.

Massaging the scalp with oil as soon as in a fortnight will improve blood circulation and stimulate oil-producing glands.


The scalp, like remainder of the pores and skin in your physique, sheds lifeless pores and skin. Dandruff happens when this course of is quicker. In most instances, a yeast like a fungus referred to as Malassezia causes irritation, itching and flaking in patches for individuals with dandruff.

Certain elements may cause Malassezia to multiply and accelerates pores and skin shedding course of together with age, hormones, stress.

These flakes (oily/dry) are in patches with yellowish and greyish tinged with a peculiar odour.


In case of Dandruff, deal with it with anti-dandruff therapy as soon as in a fortnight and use an anti-dandruff shampoo twice per week.

A shampoo must-have elements like Zinc pyrithione, salicylic Acid or selenium sulfide. Anti-dandruff shampoo could trigger dryness in hair and scalp each. Make certain to rotate shampooing with different gentle shampoos to steadiness it.

Avoid utilizing hairstyling merchandise on the scalp. These merchandise could trigger the scalp to dry or can create construct up in your scalp.

Manage your stress with meditation, yoga, deep respiration, and different leisure methods. Dandruff retains re-occurring if therapy is left in between. Treating it repeatedly with an Anti-dandruff product can handle the situation and stop itching and flaking.

Oily Scalp

Excessive manufacturing of Sebum causes oily pores and skin and the scalp being an extension of pores and skin seems to be oily/greasy. A bit oil on the scalp protects the scalp and helps wholesome hair, however abnormally oily scalp could trigger bother. The oil attracts grime extra simply, produces dandruff, and makes the hair stick collectively and creates a flat and limp look. In the worst instances, the sebum glands clog the hair roots and will trigger extreme hair loss and dandruff.

Some extra frequent causes for an oily scalp are – change of season, heredity, unhealthy consuming habits, drugs, improper hair care, stress and so forth. One should keep away from oiling and massaging the scalp.


Scalp hygiene and care is essential in case of oily scalp.

Following a dry shampoo technique (making use of shampoo immediately on dry scalp and therapeutic massage gently to lather with little water) will assist take away oil build-up simply.

Shampooing regularly to mattify scalp will assist management settling oil on the scalp floor. A pH-balanced gel/water-based cleaning Shampoo have to be used which embody elements like Citric acid, selenium sulfide and so forth.

Scalp remedies are prompt as soon as in a fortnight adopted by house care. Drinking sufficient water, a balanced eating regimen of wholesome fat and carbs is really useful. IANS

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