Covid virus has been circulating in bats for many years: Study

New York, July 30

An worldwide workforce of researchers has found that the lineage that gave rise to the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that’s liable for the Covid-19 pandemic, has been circulating in bats for many years and sure consists of different viruses with the flexibility to contaminate people.

The findings, printed within the journal Nature Microbiology, have implications for the prevention of future pandemics stemming from this lineage.

“Coronaviruses have genetic material that is highly recombinant, meaning different regions of the virus’s genome can be derived from multiple sources,” mentioned examine researcher Maciej Boni from Penn State University within the US.

“This has made it difficult to reconstruct SARS-CoV-2’s origins. You have to identify all the regions that have been recombining and trace their histories. To do that, we put together a diverse team with expertise in recombination, phylogenetic dating, virus sampling, and molecular and viral evolution,” Boni added.

The workforce used three totally different bioinformatic approaches to establish and take away the recombinant areas throughout the Covid-19 virus genome.

Next, they reconstructed phylogenetic histories for the non-recombinant areas and in contrast them to one another to see which particular viruses have been concerned in recombination occasions prior to now.

They had been in a position to reconstruct the evolutionary relationships between Covid-19 virus and its closest identified bat and pangolin viruses.

The researchers discovered that the lineage of viruses to which Covid-19 virus belongs diverged from different bat viruses about 40-70 years in the past.

Importantly, though SARS-CoV-2 is genetically comparable (about 96 per cent) to the RaTG13 coronavirus, which was sampled from a Rhinolophus affinis horseshoe bat in 2013 in Yunnan province, China, the workforce discovered that it diverged from RaTG13 a comparatively very long time in the past, in 1969.

“The ability to estimate divergence times after disentangling recombination histories, which is something we developed in this collaboration, may lead to insights into the origins of many different viral pathogens,” mentioned examine researcher Philippe Lemey.

The workforce discovered that one of many older traits that SARS-CoV-2 shares with its kin is the receptor-binding area (RBD) situated on the Spike protein, which permits the virus to acknowledge and bind to receptors on the surfaces of human cells.

“This means that other viruses that are capable of infecting humans are circulating in horseshoe bats in China,” mentioned examine researcher David L Robertson from the MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research.

The workforce concluded that stopping future pandemics would require higher sampling inside wild bats and the implementation of human illness surveillance programs which might be in a position to establish novel pathogens in people and reply in real-time.


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