Concord between the aware and sub-conscious is crucial for a stress-free life

Renee Singh

Happiness, joy and peace are the measure of success, and to be truly happy means you are stress-free. We all have deep-seated inherent desires within us. Sometimes, we ponder over these to get to the exact point of our desires. The intelligent human being knows and understands how he can harness the power of his own mind to create the life he desires.

Believe to achieve

You need to believe that there is a way to achieve your desires and then go for it. The infinite intelligence within your sub-conscious knows and believes in it. It is the acceptance of your conscious mind that will respond in totality to your beliefs.

Build your confidence

The path to joy is easy, only if we decide to take it at the face value. Many times things don’t happen your way due to your own lack of faith. Build your confidence by believing in yourself and your ideas.

Feel the reality

This is essential. The power of your thought will create a visual. Seeing an image in your mind’s eye will help you create it in real life. Essentially, once you feel the reality, the law of your mind will do the rest. If you force your sub-conscious mind it will not be able to create. Your sub-conscious only responds to complete faith. It can sense your reality.

Be clear

You must have a definite definition of your desire. With a clear-cut conclusion to your desire, it will definitely manifest.

Happy solutions

Don’t bog yourself down by seeking details and means. Focus on your result, be it a health goal, fitness, finance or relationships. See your new idea as something that is actually in your life. Allow it to manifest and don’t doubt it.

Use visualisation

Visualise the result and your own personal level of freedom with it.

Resist the intellect

This is the greatest obstacle as your intellect tries the greatest ways of solving problems and imposing those ways on the sub-conscious. Persist with simple childlike faith.

Doubt creates weakness

Your resolve will only manifest when you do not doubt. Doubt will weaken your resolve. Act with your imagination to create. A harmonious existence between the conscious and sub-conscious is essential.

Thrill of accomplishment

When you imagine this state of excitement, the sub-conscious brings you the realisation of your dreams. When dreams are fulfilled that is when we have lived our true potential. It guides us to a stress-free existence.

Imagine before you sleep

Create a mental videotape of your new state. Each time doubt and fear seem to step into your thinking, replace them with a visually created video. Fear and anxiety block your answers. Think independently of traditional ways. Avoid the conflict between sub-conscious and conscious. Imagine your personal fulfillment and live in your new blissful reality in joy, peace and happiness.

(Singh is a Chandigarh-based psycho-therapist)

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