Winterproof your own home

Pooja Khanna Tyagi

Since it can become very cold and uncomfortable in winter, it is essential to make your house feel warmer and cosier. Here are some simple ways to weatherproof your house this winter and make it inviting:

Open the curtains to bring in the sunlight and roll out the carpet

to create extra insulation. Istock

Bring in the sun

One of the best ways to make the house feel warm is by bringing in the sunlight. As the days get shorter and the nights longer, sunlight is available for a limited amount of time. Therefore, open the curtains in the morning and noon to bring in maximum sunlight. Draw the curtains as soon as the sun sets so that the indoor heat does not escape. If your house is surrounded by huge trees or shrubs that are creating shade or blocking the sunlight, trim these.

Room heaters to the rescue

Seal the cracks

Check for gaps and cracks between the walls and door-cum-window frames. Seal these properly with silicon rubber sealant, weather-stripping or adhesive tapes. Also check the walls for any hairline cracks, openings or holes. Close these properly. Use a weather strip to seal the gap between the base of the door and the floor so that cold air from outside does not enter the house.

Install double curtains

Go for a combination of double curtains where the first layer comprises sheer curtains and the second has dark and heavy curtains. Dark fabric in materials like velvet, cotton and wool absorbs heat and adds an extra layer of insulation in the house. During the day, pull back the heavy curtains so that the thin sheer curtains ensure privacy while allowing the daylight to illuminate the interiors. Draw heavy curtains as soon as the sun sets.

Roll out the carpet

Flooring material like marble, granite and tiles tends to become very cold in winter. Hence roll out the carpet on the floor so that the flooring surface becomes warmer to walk on. Consider woollen carpets as these create an extra layer of insulation on the floor and feel cosy on the feet.

Spread a warm bedding

Warm bedding material like fleece, flannel, or wool can be used instead of the conventional bedsheet material like cotton, polyester or linen to make your bedroom feel warmer. A combination of different fabrics on the bed, curtains and carpets creates a layered effect, making the house feel cosier and warmer.

Switch on the lamps

Incandescent lights emit heat and make the space feel warmer as compared to the trending CFL or LED lights. Therefore, switch on the table lamps or pendant lights with incandescent lights to make the room cosy.

Invest in an electric blanket

Electric blankets comprise an integrated internal wiring system that heats up the blanket uniformly. These blankets are available in many colours, designs and thickness. Use electric blankets to warm up the bed before you get into it. Switch it off before you go off to sleep. For safety, avoid using electric blankets in children’s bedroom. Another way to keep your bed warm is by keeping a heating pad or hot water bottle under the blanket.

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