When shopping for furnishings on-line…

Pooja Khanna Tyagi

With reputed websites coming out with their annual sales at least once or twice a year, many homeowners have started opting for online furniture as it can be purchased from the comfort of the house. However the disadvantage of online shopping is that one cannot see the end product before buying and may land up buying products which do not suit the requirement or are of substandard quality. Therefore, if you are planning to buy online furniture, this guide can help you to make the right choice:

Go for a credible seller

The purchase of new furniture is an expensive investment, therefore it is advisable to buy large-sized or smaller pieces of furniture from a reputed website and reliable furniture manufacturing brand. Note that good manufacturers and sellers have their independent websites which comprise the company’s physical address and contact numbers. This will help one to connect with the customer care or speak directly with the manufacturer to know more about the quality of their products. Additionally, check the track record and credibility of the seller, the ratings and review of the product before you make any online purchase.

Check the description

The product description will give you an idea of the type of wood, colour and finish of the product. This will enable you to cross check whether the product matches or contrasts with the other pieces of furniture that are present within your home. The material used for manufacturing the furniture is important as it determines the quality and durability of furniture. It is essential to check whether the furniture is made from natural, synthetic or engineered materials, the type of maintenance required and so on so that you can choose a product that is best suited for your house. The colour and overall look of the furniture may, however, vary from the online photographs.

Read the terms and conditions

Study the terms and conditions of the product, find out about the delivery charges, installation charges, if any, warranty, return policy and time period for the exchange of the furniture so that one can return the product if it is not up to one’s expectations. Also check whether installation of furniture will be done by the manufacturer or will it have to be organised by the homeowner.

Visualise furniture size

Before buying any online furniture, check the size of the product and the space available in your house, especially for heavy pieces of furniture like bed sets, divans and sofas. Make sure that adequate clearances around the furniture are also taken into account so that there is enough circulation space and it is comfortable to move around.

Research well

Check the quality, design, ease of maintenance and functionality of furniture before you make any online purchase. Do not forget to make a comparative analysis of the prices of similar types of furniture from other online retailers. 

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