Water characteristic in your interiors

Shristi Nangalia

Water, being an element of nature, promotes an overall feel of relaxation and calmness, besides introducing motion and vitality. Water features are common in gardens and outdoor areas, but of late these are gaining prominence in interiors of the house as well. According to a research by Alissa M. Clouse for the University of Southern Mississippi, water enables a positive psychological response from individuals by triggering the sense of sight, smell and hearing. The human brain connects with the rhythmic sound of water splashing and sprinkling against itself.

A water feature in the house adds to the décor of the interiors and helps maintain serene ambience, irrespective of the outdoor environment. It can be installed in entryway, living room, hallway, bedroom and dining area. According to the available space, you can pick from the below-mentioned water features to take the décor to the next level:

A miniature garden indoors

If you have sufficient space at the right location with necessary waterproofing and drainage systems, you can replicate a small part of a garden or create a miniature garden with indoor plants, rocks, sculptures and a water feature. Setups like these need a lot of care and attention, but offer immersive experience to hang out, relax and de-stress right within the confines of the interior.

Fountain of joy

Another space-demanding but much-loved feature that you can invite is a fountain. Fountains come in many sizes, shapes and designs. Choose one keeping in mind the extra effort needed to invest in maintaining the fixture.

A subtle lily pool

Unlike miniature gardens and fountains that demand a lot of space and attention, a kund or lily pool can be placed as a subtle accompaniment or backdrop for the interiors. An overflowing vase or small-sized fountain can be integrated with the kund or lily pool to effectuate the sound of burbling water. Finally, a touch-up of surrounding indoor greens, floating lily flowers and a couple of sculptures or urns can complete the setting.

Make way for the waterfall

An indoor waterfall feature, reminiscent of natural mountain springs, can create the stimulating indoor-outdoor appeal. Enhanced by tactile materials and lighting, even a waterfall of a small-scale can produce strong impressions. Portable waterfalls are also available in the market; these are hassle-free, movable, and equally therapeutic.

Vertical flow

When space is limited, vertical spaces like walls of the living area, the double and triple-height space of the staircase area, etc. can be rightly put to use by installing a water wall. A water wall offers a quieter sound of water because the water, rather than dropping or splashing, simply trickles down the textured face.

The overflowing urn

Overflowing urns are also great for home interiors when there is very little space to spare. Like fountains, urns offer a strong focal point while occupying a relatively smaller area.

A word of caution here. While water features lend beauty to the house, be prepared to spend time and money in maintaining these regularly. Also make sure to employ skilled labour when installing the water feature so as to avoid operational issues. Remove trash and leaves from the water from the fixture regularly. Drain the water and clean the installation thoroughly once in a while to avoid build-up of algae inside the water and mosquitoes around the fixture.

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